Kindergarten to 12th Grade Student Success

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For a list of classes being offered during the 2021 Spring Semester, view the Love and Logic Class Schedule

Essential Strategies to Help Young Students Thrive 

Healthy foundational relationships can lead to a strong future. That’s why NOCRC’s K-12 Student Success Advisory Group provides education and training to parents/guardians, foster parents, educators, and professionals to help children thrive. We teach adults essential strategies for building successful relationships, based on the Love and Logic® curriculum. iClasses are offered in North Orange County through North Orange Continuing Education (NOCE). Love and Logic® 

Love and Logic®

The Love and Logic® approach is grounded in empathy while building caring and respectful relationships. Adults learn the critical skills and knowledge to foster social and emotional wellness in children and how to form healthy relationships between children and adults. Adults need to have a healthy mindset to respond with empathy, which allows the child’s heart and mind to be open to love and learning.  

  • Parenting the Love and Logic Way®

    We provide a variety of empowering programs to revolutionize the way children are raised. Parenting the Love and Logic Way® teaches parents, caregivers, and professionals how to guide children with positive and loving encouragement. Participants will gain tangible relationship tools such as addressing issues with empathy rather than anger, guiding kids to solve their own problems, and disengaging in arguments. From new parents to parents of teens, caregivers and foster parents, and professionals such as social workers, teachers, and psychologists, these techniques will help participants create peaceful and loving solutions. 

  • Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!®

    We also offer Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!®, which helps create happy families and responsible children. When parents start Love and Logic® early in their children’s lives, they increase the odds that the teenage years will be positive and productive. They also are more likely to raise children who will begin school ready to learn. 

  • Love and Logic: Adults Supporting Youth with Challenging Pasts™

    As a response to the needs expressed in our community, we offer Love and Logic: Adults Supporting Youth with Challenging Pasts. This program cuts through the complexity of challenging topics and provides solutions that can be immediately applied. Participants gain powerful insight into how trauma affects the brain, the science behind healthy attachment relationships, and why such bonds form the foundation for emotional and neurological healing. 

  • Love and Logic: Supporting Youth with Special Needs™

    The Love and Logic: Supporting Youth with Special Needs™ class is designed to be a follow-up/bonus program for parents/caregivers, educators, and other professionals who have already attended a stand-alone Love and Logic® class. This class offers techniques for developing and maintaining cooperative family and school teams to support special needs children. Participants will learn how to understand special needs children’s unique needs and competencies and develop skills to avoid becoming overwhelmed. This class emphasizes the importance of establishing healthy “can-do” expectations of children with varying needs.  

Informational Materials:

Community Programs 

Students are more likely to achieve academic success when their parents are healthy and engaged in their school and community. The K-12 Student Success Advisory Group recognizes this by supporting the Community Schools Model, where the social, emotional, and physical health needs of both students and their families are met in schools, leading to improved student learning, stronger families, and healthier communities. 

Curriculum Exploration and Development 

K-12 Student Success Advisory Group is continually assessing needs within our community to support adults supporting K-12 students in their academic careers.  The K-12 Student Success Advisory Group will next explore the development of curriculum around one or several of the following areas: trauma, parenting academy (how to navigate the American K-12 public school and post-secondary systems), and LBGTQ+ professional development.