How to become a NOCRC community partner.

NOCRC exhibits Community partnership in many ways. Business and industry representatives serve on our advisory committees, they are invited to speak to our classes, and at different school functions, they provide work-based learning opportunities for our students. We partner with them in workforce development initiatives. Community partners also contact us when they want to host classes as their site or when they have job openings. NOCRC seeks opportunities to expand community and business partnerships to serve our students better and meet the community’s needs.

Different Ways to Serve as an NOCRC Partner:

  • Host a class
  • Serve on a NOCRC advisory board
  • Serve as a guest speaker at an event, workshop, or class
  • Contribute to a scholarship program
  • Provide work-based learning opportunities for students
  • Post job announcements at NOCRC for students

Ready to Get Started? Contact the NOCRC Office


Call: 714.808.4942