Get the career certificate you need to succeed in high-demand industries. Ready to take your job to the next level? Earn a certificate in our tuition-free Career Technical Education (CTE) Programs. 

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Our, mix of hands-on and lecture-based career-oriented programs launch students’ professional advancement while filling critical workforce gaps. Always on the cutting edge, our enriched learning experiences enhance success so students  can make smooth transitions to  higher education and/or employment.

Individualized services from our Career Pathways Specialists give students the edge they need to achieve success. We help students transition into their ideal jobs with workshops that teach critical skills, including resume writing, interview techniques, and more. Our industry-approved curriculum is crucial for helping students thrive in the modern economy. 

Career Technical Education at North Orange Continuing Education 

Our outstanding support and career pathways catapult students to quickly earn  certificates in high-demand fields, preparing you for exceptional jobs. Regional pre-apprenticeship offerings make it simple for students to plan and implement their professional growth. Through our vibrant and versatile network of regional  industry professionals, we offer competitive, up-to-date programs that meet workforce needs and provide a future-minded education. Some programs also offer externships and certification options. 

North Orange Continuing Education offers students more than a dozen career pathways in the administrative, medical, and service industries: 

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NOCE Career Resource Center

Staffed by Career Pathways Specialists, the NOCE Career Resource Center provides students with comprehensive services and support. Students can upgrade their professional skills through workshops or one-on-one assistance with  resume building, career exploration, interview preparation, online job searching, completing job applications, and more!

For more information check out the NOCE Career Resource Center page.

Career Resource Center Workshops

All fall semester workshops will be facilitated virtually via Zoom video conferencing.

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NOCROP Adult Education Programs: Medical Assistant and More! 

North Orange County Regional Occupational Programs (NOCROP) equip and empower tomorrow’s innovative professionals through career education, providing students with real-world experiences and hands-on skills not offered in traditional classrooms. 

Students also benefit from strong connections with regional industries. Local businesses provide learning sites and maintain persistent contact to ensure that our labs and classrooms are equipped with industry-standard technology. In return, NOCROP connects companies to future employees who have received top-of-the-line training. 

Pathways include the Medical Assistant and Vocational Nursing programs, which are undergoing some significant changes, including a shorter completion time for Vocational Nursing, increased classroom space, and new equipment. Many students choose this versatile career path because it gives them many stackable options. Students can start with basic medical classes, then proceed to obtain medical assistant certification. Afterward, they can go even further by becoming a nursing assistant and continue their education to become a vocational nurse. Preparation for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is also included in the program. 

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