High School Diploma, GED/HiSET, and College Preparation

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It’s Never Too Late to Earn a High School Diploma or Equivalency (GED/HiSET) 

High school diplomas are issued to adult learners, 18 years of age, and older. Take the next step with us! 

We provide alternative, flexible pathways, and second chances to adult students who want to complete their high school education through the Basic Skills Program at North Orange Continuing Education (NOCE). It’s never too late! High school diploma and equivalency programs offer tuition-free, quality education to students seeking to complete their high school diploma. We aim to change the lives and mindsets of our students. Many realize that with support, effort, and determination, they can be the first in their families to earn diplomas and transition to college!  

High School Diploma

We’re known for flexibility and easy-to-access education and resources. The High School Diploma Program (HSDP) is a bridge to more opportunities, better-paying jobs, and higher education. 

The adult High School Diploma Program is offered in a lab setting. The program is tuition free, and textbooks and supplemental learning materials are available to students free of charge for in-class use. Students are expected to regularly attend their enrolled high school lab and demonstrate academic progress by earning credit and grades in their high school subjects. In order to obtain a high school diploma, students are required to complete 160 credits. Students are also required to complete a 20-credit residency requirement. Diploma graduates will be celebrated during the annual NOCE commencement ceremony at the end of each spring semester.  

High school diplomas and high school equivalency certificate (GED or HiSET) credentials are generally considered equivalent, with some exceptions. Some branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, employers, and four-year universities may require or prefer a high school diploma. Students are encouraged to speak with a counselor or do their own research before making a choice. Nevertheless, the programs at NOCE offer support for both educational pathways!   

High School Labs Are Free, Flexible and Online

Our high school labs are tuition-free and self-paced, with options for independent and group study. Best of all, the schedule is flexible.  To accommodate students’ busy lives, NOCE offers the option of attending any time during the lab operating hours. Students have access to free textbooks, on-line tutoring, support staff, and other available learning resources. 

Success is Everywhere: Learning Center Locations 

Open-entry Learning Centers provide students with the support needed to attain their academic or personal goals. Learning Centers offer group and one-on-one tutoring in a variety of subject areas, such as career technical education, college preparation courses, high school diploma subjects, and English as a Second Language (ESL).  Faculty and tutors are readily available to assist students with their program of study, resume writing, and other job search skills. Learning Centers are located at the Anaheim Campus, Cypress Center, and Wilshire Center. Learners may enroll in the Learning Center site of their choice

NOCE Learning Center Hours & Locations

**All NOCE Centers are currently closed due to the global pandemic and social distancing order. However, students can still apply and register online. Our NOCE Admissions and Registration StarHelp Customer Service team is available to help you**

Informational Materials:

High School Equivalency (GED or HiSET) Program

Through NOCE, NOCRC offers two options for students who would like to prepare for the GED exams or the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET). These options include direct instruction and self-study. 

Direct Instructions VS. Self Study

Instructional Classes

Many students benefit from structured classes featuring supervised, mediated learning, as opposed to independent study. With direct instruction options, students can master skills more quickly and stay on track with their academic goals.  

Direct instruction to prepare for GED or HiSET exams is offered at NOCE’s Anaheim Campus. Individuals can choose between morning or evening classes. Access to textbooks and exam prep materials is available for free, in-class use in English and Spanish; computers and calculators are also available. 

For more information on the GED or HiSET Program, please contact our StarHelp line at starhelp@noce.edu or call 714.808.4679.

Self-Study/Open-Entry Lab

The NOCE open-entry Learning Center at Wilshire Center in Fullerton offers drop-in support for students who choose to study for the GED or HiSET exams at their own pace. Staff in the NOCE Anaheim, Wilshire, and Cypress Learning Centers offer students support on a drop-in basis during the established operation hours. Access to textbooks, exam prep materials is available for free while studying in the Learning Center. 

For more information on the GED or HiSET Program, please contact our StarHelp line at starhelp@noce.edu or call 714.808.4679.

Still hesitant about completing your diploma?

You can do it! And we are here to help!  Here’s the top five advantages of obtaining a high school diploma or equivalency:

1. Higher wages – High school diploma or GED/HiSET earners make 50% more per year on average than non-high school diploma or GED/HiSET earners. 
2. Employment – More and more employers are now requiring a high school diploma or GED/HiSET for employment or advancement on the job. 
3. College – Going to college doesn’t have to be an unattainable dream! Through our classes, you can obtain your high school diploma or GED/HiSET and transition to college. Our counselors can help you create a Student Educational Plan to meet your goals! 
4. Meet Lifelong Friends – People of all backgrounds and ages attend our High School Diploma/GED/College Preparation Program. Come and meet new people and gain lifelong friends! 
5. Pride – Earning your high school diploma or GED/HiSET is a great achievement! It takes dedication and hard work, but once accomplished, your high school diploma or GED/HiSET will open the door to your future.