ESL Workroup:

The ESL Workgroup currently has four strategies in place that are intended to build a network of programs and services that will help link the ESL population in the region to seamless transitions to post-secondary education and/or the workplace. As a collective, NOCRC members in the ESL Workgroup have worked to mitigate the number of obstacles for immigrants to attend ESL and Citizenship classes, including providing babysitting and counseling at various of the ESL/Citizenship class locations.

In the fall of 2017, the Noncredit-to-Credit Mentorship Program was officially launched with the hiring of on-site mentors who will direct ESL/Citizenship students to academic services needed to be successful in their educational and career goals. 

ESL Strategies:

  • Off-Site ESL Classes: Childcare
    • Increase Access to Citizenship & ESL Classes
    • Increase Student Retention and Persistence by Removing Attendance Barriers
  • Off-Site ESL Classes: Counseling
    • Student Support in Real-Time
    • Increased Access and Awareness to Regional Academic Programs and Services
    • Helping Students Identify and Then Start on the Pathway Towards Their Academic and Career Goals
  • Noncredit-to-Credit Mentorship Program
    • Creating "Warm" Transitions from Noncredit to Credit
    • Mentors Will Build Trust, Communication, and Collaboration with Students
  • Lower-Level Academic Success Program Course
    • Intensive Academic and Career Preparation Instruction
    • Focused Support to Transition to Additional Noncredit Programs as well as Credit