ESL Workroup:

ESL Strategies:

  • Off-Site ESL Classes: Childcare
    • Increase Access to Citizenship & ESL Classes
    • Increase Student Retention and Persistence by Removing Attendance Barriers
  • Off-Site ESL Classes: Counseling
    • Student Support in Real-Time
    • Increased Access and Awareness to Regional Academic Programs and Services
    • Helping Students Identify and Then Start on the Pathway Towards Their Academic and Career Goals
  • Noncredit-to-Credit Mentorship Program
    • Creating "Warm" Transitions from Noncredit to Credit
    • Mentors Will Build Trust, Communication, and Collaboration with Students
  • Lower-Level Academic Success Program Course
    • Intensive Academic and Career Preparation Instruction
    • Focused Support to Transition to Additional Noncredit Programs as well as Credit