CTE Workgroup:

The CTE/Combined Workgroup is comprised of representatives from all other Workgroups that come together to share needs and best practices. As a group, it has created and helped implement strategies that increase student awareness of available career training programs, enhance student learning and student success, facilitate student transitions to post-secondary education and/or gainful employment, assist in job placement, and promote career success. 

Under the Workforce Development & Career Services strategy, the CTE/Combined Workgroup has been able to identify and address gaps in services that promote long-term job placement and career success by employing Career Pathways Specialists. In addition to providing one-on-one advisement to students, Career Pathways Specialists create and lead workshops on numerous topics, such as employability skills.  

CTE Strategies

  • CTE Outreach, Pathways, and Student Support
    • Focused and Targeted Regional Outreach
    • Development of Pathways to Credit and/or Gainful Employment
    • Support Students by Mapping Regional CTE/Pre-apprenticeship Offerings
  • Older Adults Discover the Internet Pilot Course
    • Partnership with the OC WIB/Garden Grove One-Stop
    • Increased Access for Older Adults
    • Career Development/College Preparation (CDCP) Approved Curriculum
  • Integrated Basic Education Skills and Training Program (I-BEST)
    • "Higher Literacy, Stronger Skills, Greater Prosperity"
    • "2 For the Price of 1!" Co-Teachers, Dual Instruction, Contextualized Learning
    • Increased Basic Skills, Language Skills, and Study Skills Built Into CTE Course
  • Workforce Development & Career Services
    • Students are Placed in Employment in High-Demand Industries
    • Help Students Explore Career and Begin Pathways
    • Increase Students' Skills and Employability to be Competitive in the Workforce