Basic Skills/High School Diploma Workgroup:

The purpose of the Basic Skills/High School Diploma Workgroup is to develop and help implement strategies to address the needs of adult students looking to get their high school diploma or GED. The Workgroup's current strategies, which are listed below, emphasize efforts to capture adult students who have dropped out of high school, or are at risk of dropping out, and give them another opportunity to complete what they were unable to in a traditional K-12 setting.

In particular, the off-site labs have been instrumental in helping students graduate and transition into post-secondary education. They have showcased the collaborative dedication and commitment of NOCRC member representatives such as AUHSD and NOCE in successfully guiding students to a high school diploma. 

Basic Skills Strategies:

  • Off-Site High School Diploma Labs
    • Warm Hand-Off from K-12 to SCE
    • Counseling in Real-Time
    • Accelerated Progress
    • Direct Instruction + Self-Paced Learning
    • Connecting to Future Goals
    • NOCCCD High School Diploma
  • On-Site High School Lab Direct Instruction
    • Focused Support
    • Accelerated Progress
    • Increased Understanding
    • Confidence Building
  • Basic Skills Online Tutoring Training
    • Toolbox for the Tutor
    • Help Students Develop Critical Thinking Skills
    • Build Tutor's Knowledge of Learning Theory
    • Better Prepare Tutors to Serve Students