About AB86

For more information specifically related to AB86, please visit: http://aebg.cccco.edu/About/AB-86-Planning

The past six months has been a very busy time for what was AB86 and is now known as the Adult Education Block Grant (AEBG).  The Governor signed AB104 into law granting the 71 statewide consortia $500M.  The State Work Group then developed guidelines and templates for the consortia on how the funds may be used according to the newly signed law.  And the NOCRC’s Executive Committee (EC), including the Workgroup (WG) Leaders has been discussing, evaluating, and prioritizing the approved WG strategies as well as completing the State-required Budget, Governance, and Update templates.  Below is a brief update of what the NOCRC has accomplished and plans for the upcoming Implementation Year.

NOCRC AB86 Wrap-Up:

The AB86 Planning Phase officially ended on June 30, 2015.  However, the State granted an extension of December 21, 2015 for consortia to spend any unused Planning Grant funds.

NOCRC AB86 Accomplishments:

  • Formed EC comprised of a representative from each member consortium institution as well as a K-12 and post-secondary education elected Leader from each WG
  • Formed four WGs in the allowable Program Areas that each developed strategies to address gaps in programs and services throughout the region.  Those strategies and corresponding budgets were presented to the EC by the elected WG Leaders where they were discussed and then voted upon to include in the Regional Comprehensive Plan.
  • The NOCRC Regional Comprehensive Plan (RCP) was finalized as a 1-year and submitted to the State March 1, 2015 (three drafts had been submitted prior between July and December 2014) who approved it as a 3-year plan.  The RCP included descriptions of our region’s programs and services for the four allowable program areas as well as the approved strategies.
  • Conducted Action Research Projects in order to gather data and refine strategies for implementation.
    • SCE-AUHSD Gilbert West Off-Site High School Lab
    • Off-Site ESL Citizenship Course at PYLUSD with Childcare and a Counselor
    • SCE Intro to Pharm Tech/ESL Contextualized Teaching “I-BEST” course
    • DSS Transition Counselor (worked with all six consortia institutions)
    • Research-driven planning strategies were also begun in order to gather data for implementation.
      • DSS Professional Expert gathered data on current and anticipated regional needs
      • AB86 Researcher gathered data identifying regional need across all program areas as well as gathered and analyzed data from Action Research Projects
      • Planning strategies involving curriculum review and/or development were conducted during Planning and submitted to the Curriculum Review Process in order to implement in 2015-16
        • ESL Lower-Level Academic Success Program curriculum development
        • Basic Skills/High School Diploma Program Prep for Credit/College English 60 and Math 20 curriculum review (SCE and Cypress College faculty)
        • The NOCRC was asked to present at numerous conferences and adult education gatherings throughout the state on the strategies and governance structure that was developed during the planning process
        • SCE-AUHSD Gilbert West Off-Site High School Lab
        • I-BEST Program Expansion & Training